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Client Case Study


ProfitLogic is the leading provider of Retail Profit Optimization solutions designed for retailers whose priority is getting the highest return on inventory investments. ProfitLogic's solutions provide merchants with day-to-day operational decision support and workflow for making better-informed assortment execution, allocation and fashion replenishment, promotion, pricing and markdown decisions. ProfitLogic has delivered fast, flexible solutions with significant financial benefits.

Training Needs

ProfitLogic uses 3rd party system integrators to install, implement, and train on their Price application. TEC was engaged to develop a Partner Certification Program to train and certify the integration team members in the implementation process for the Price application.


The greatest challenges of this project were:

  • Integration teams were not familiar with the ProfitLogic products.

  • Training had to be compressed into as short a timeframe as possible.

  • Development time was very limited.

TEC Services and Products Delivered

TEC developed a five-day certification program that focused on each project team member's role in the implementation, teaching them the processes and detailed procedures and activities assigned to each role. The course content and daily activities simulated an implementation in a compressed time period. Each integration team member completed 2 weeks of pre-work preparation material prior to attending class. During the certification training, each day's "tasks" were executed by the assigned team members, reviewed by the ProfitLogic technical team, and tested and certified as accurately completed.

Deliverables include:

  • Full course design and approach

  • Certification pre-work materials and testing

  • Facilitator's Guide for each role on the project team

  • Business Scenarios

  • Certification Surveys

  • Presentations and support materials


TEC trained 14 people from the integration team on Pricing4Profit. By the end of the five day's training, the team had installed, implemented, and trained users on the Price application and was ready to lead an implementation.

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